Karam Kriya Consultancy Training · PORTUGAL · New Training Cycle

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Karam Kriya Consultancy Training · PORTUGAL · New Training Cycle

18th April 2019 - 22nd April 2019

Module 1: Number 7

The Healing Conversation

Through the Applied Spiritual Science and Guiding Reference of Numbers

Manifesting in the lived experience of all through the Ten Spiritual Bodies

Gifted to humanity in the example of lives and teachings of the Sikh Gurus

Actualised by the mystical revelation of the Mul Mantra of Guru Naanak

Get out of your karmic story and patterns, and learn to help others in transformation.

Contact and unfold your highest potential, and guide others on their destiny journey.

The past repeats itself until it becomes transparent and we actively changing the story.

Conversational exchange can lead to meaningful change, towards harmony and balance.

Experiencing and anchoring to your own soul. The source of self-initiation.

Personally walk the path of the highest impersonal and lasting principles.

Obeying the integrity of natural law.

Learn to use the time and not waste or lose it – life is passing by.

Action counts. Develop creative use of the tools of life; the mind, the word, the body.

Learn to decode the hidden messages and contradictions of our communication.

Stabilise your heart’s nucleus from where you can choose to trust and love.

Invite others to return to their authentic self.

Bring presence, clarity and consciousness to your encounters.

Heal your word to heal your world and serve others in their healing process.

Aligning with the guiding lines bring fulfilment and completion.

Oneness with the supreme Consciousness is inevitable.

45 day training program, over 3 years, to become a Karam Kriya Consultant.

Consisting of 9 sessions of 5 days each.

All modules will be facilitated and taught by Shiv Charan Singh


Quinta do Rajo
Rua do Rajo 1, São João das Lampas 2705-736 Portugal + Google Map
+351 964 329 228


Rita Reis
+351 964 329 228