Karam Kriya Training – Number 2 · ONLINE ·

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Karam Kriya Training – Number 2 · ONLINE ·

September 7 - October 19

Module 4: Number 2

Online course in Zoom

With Spanish translation / Con traducción al español

5 Online classes from 9h to 12.30h WEST/BST (Portugal/UK time)

Sept 7, 2022
Sept 14, 2022
Sept 21, 2022
Oct 12, 2022
Oct 19, 2022

The properties of the Negative Mind and number 2 in communication. Through the sequence 2 – 4 – 1 – 3:

  • The negative mind properties in communication
  • Relation to the subconscious
  • Contradictions and splitting in communication
  • The root nature of all desire, longing, hunger; sad is not bad
  • Loss: Separation is a relation; holding the tension
  • Attention to process as distinct from content; management of energy, time
  • Mirroring as a method; the 3 mirrors
  • Know-how of the ‘No’; eliminate to illuminate
  • Naivety; a problem and a means
  • Innocence, loyalty, obedience, attachment, addiction
Karam Kriya is the Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology
The Study of Life through Numbers, and the Study of Numbers through Life.
Revealing the sacred treasures of our 10 Spiritual Bodies. 
The Consultancy Training explores human interaction and communication as the central field for evolving the new humanity.
Heal the word to heal the world 
A consultation is a healing conversation in which life patterns that imprison or enslave us (Karam)
are made transparent and their purpose brought to completion (Kriya).
A meaningful exchange must lead to change
Aligning with the universal intelligences that numbers present,
we can formulate new life patterns (dharam) that serve the realization of our highest potential (spirit).
When we align with natural law, integrity and authenticity is the result
The insights of Karam Kriya provide interactive diagnostic and developmental tools
that serve the individual’s self-initiatory transformation and upliftment.
With heart open deep and wide, steady and strong
45 Wednesdays over 2 years:  Online classes from 9h to 12.30h WEST/BST (Portugal/UK time)

Complementary material: pre-recorded lectures, reading material,  diagrams, research, homework, and others.

Interactive group work with peers and mentors throughout the whole program.

Technical support during the Online meetings.

All modules will be facilitated and taught by Shiv Charan Singh


Online in Zoom


Rita Reis
+351 964 329 228