Becoming Your Word

A Self Directed Learning Program

An invitation to discover your voice and a language that you can live by in parallel with the unfolding consciousness of who you are; towards the realization that what you are to be, you already are.

Meaning of Numbers

Numbers are prisms through which the divine world radiates into existence. Through their study we can come to understand the magic in the universe, we can come to know the essence of harmony and the merging between the intuitive and material realms, of time and space, the nature of relationship and the inter-relatedness of all things. By applying ourselves to numbers we realise how numbers apply to us: we come to realise that we are the bridge between the known and the unknown.

1 Humble origin of the individual

2 Separation & hunger. the longing to go home

3 Enchantment & personality. Vehicle for the realisation of equanimity

4 Awakening to Soul. Receiving all as food for the flower of giving love

5 Transformation. Transmuting trouble into the blessings

6 Grace of intuition. Awakening to what just is

7 Mantle of understanding. Permitting infinite forgiveness

8 Dying into deathlessness. The ocean of compassion

9 Home, the unborn essence. The ground of our being that endures the journey

10 Self illuminating radiance. Awakening to our common solitude

11 Communion of I and i (10 +1)

12 The cycle repeats in its echo. Each one can proceed to live and reflect this journey