The Court of Karam Kriya

You are Invited

  • A sacred environment containing several elements.
  • At first it offers a proposition.
  • Through numbers it presents an x-ray vision of the universe, your place in it and the nature of the journey as you transit through this earthly existence.
  • With this right understanding the door stands open for you to really begin to achieve and complete what you came here to do.
  • In this court there is an unusual fountain. As long as someone drinks from the fountain it goes on pouring out its life giving forces – never drying up. Unlike other fountains this one dries up when no-one drinks
  • The court then becomes the door through which you can engage yourself in the mediums of time and space with a precise intentionality while being witnessed by great souls.
  • It takes the human quality to awaken the human quality. We become the company we keep and we keep the company we become.

As a magnification of the theatre of life the Court of Karam Kriya will invite you into the continuity of consciousness that allows choice and receptivity to Grace- the realisation that you are, have always been and will always be loved.

A double marriage: First of time and space that allows the gate to open for the real marriage of consciousness with the soul and the birth of the word – manifesting excellence in giving back the word to the one who created us.

Your limited self will die a dignified death and the real you will wake up to the beauty of how each of our personal lives uniquely reflects the cosmic drama.

The assembled circle of the court becomes a flow of compassion in which you will come to rest in the integrity of the shared spiritual ground as a ten-in-one being.

You will enter the Court of Karam Kriya to receive something for yourself. But if you come empty handed you will leave empty handed. Arrive with something to give and you will leave the court with something to give others. This is the miracle of a transformed life. Inspired to give back the love to the one who has always loved you.

The Bell Ringer Cries

“Come my friends,
let’s go to that place
Where all are the daughters
of regal majesty
To that court where
the hopeless are honoured
Where time and space meet
And the fragrance of magic
is released
There finally we may lay down all
In that circle will be the invitation
Our united breath will lift us
For the kiss of God
is refused to none
The melody of praise divine
Will break us open
And into a love without conclusion
Come my friends to meet the mouth
Of God, the one and only King”

By Shiv Charan Singh,
Source: ‘The Court of Karam Kriya’, See Publications