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Karam Kriya Workshops · ONLINE ·

November 7 - November 29


Karam Kriya Online with Shiv Charan Singh

3 weekends 6 days November 7 & 8, 21 & 22, 28 & 29

*Schedule designed for the Australasian area*

How can the subtle be equally more intimate? How can the most impersonal be deeply personal? We are in a time when our physical presence with each other has been severely limited, which also includes the lack of contact through each other’s Arcline presence, and also the absence of shared magnetic fields where our personalities may clash, but also join and be reshaped for the better. This phenomenon may leave us empty, depressed, angry, desperate, overwhelmed and challenged in many ways.

What is the alternative?

Beyond the space of our shared Aura is the Pranic Body, the Subtle Body and the Radiant Body. What are these? How do they operate? How do we link through them? How can they magically serve to provide an incredibly intimate experience of human community as we move into the inner place of shared connection? What needs to change so that our communication facilitates true meeting, where each individual is supported to be who they really are, and the mind is trained to see clearly and serve these processes.

The Series

Weekend 1

1 Intimate Realities: The true nature of community.

A contemplation on number 4. Our common-unity and most intimate connection is paradoxically to be found in our solitary soul self, deep in the heart. To go further into and to STAY home in the heart, IS to be in communion with all.

2 Changing through Exchange: The nature of sacrifice & paradox.

A contemplation on the number 5. True exchange and communication happens in a space of negotiation. What kind of human exchange can lead to a real meeting and true change? What might need to be sacrificed and turned on its head for this to become possible?

Weekend 2

1 Grounded in Spirit: Intimacy in the subtlety.

Contemplation on the number 9 & the Subtle Body. Through all of life’s personal details, what is our universal, guiding reference? Having a reference that grounds us in spirit, we experience our interconnection through the Subtle Body, and a new intimacy emerges.

2 Radiant Beings: Listening, learning and living in excellence.

Contemplation on the number 10 and the Radiant Body. The Radiant Body is connected to listening, which is essential to learning and excellence. True community in which everyone can shine includes the capacity to listen and learn. How do we sometimes eclipse ourselves and each other and how can we turn this to illumination?

Weekend 3

1 Seeing with God’s Eyes: Right questions for the conscious mind.

Contemplation on the number 7. Mind questions and wants full control, which it will never have, as all is going according to an incomprehensibly vast plan. And yet, paradoxically, we can have influence. We don’t need to have the answers and control is an illusion, but to ask the right questions is to use the mind to keep us opening to the unknown.

2 Sacred Wisdom: Applied intelligence as a healing process.

Contemplation on the Number 8. When the mind is humble and knows its reference, we have applied intuitive intelligence and discernment. Then the pure, infinite flow available through the Pranic Body can move through us. Pain of separation is healed by knowing that, no matter how far apart we appear to be, we are all of us swimming in this same infinite ocean.


Price: 60€ per day (The workshops can be booked separately)


November 7
November 29
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