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Level 2 · Life Cycles & Life Style · GERMANY

14th January 2021 - 19th January 2021

Life Cycles & Life Styles

With Shiv Charan Singh and Sohan Kaur


Review your personal biography in a manner that will set you free from the dead weight of the past and turn lead to gold. Learn to harmonize the 7, 11 and 18-year cycles of your life and why this is important. Establish your future projection so that the flow of prosperity is a natural consequence of the balance of the rhythms. Step further into the practical science of transforming your life from habits that are soul-demoting to a discipline that is soul-promoting.

Identify habits, attitudes and practices that help or hinder your life in the present, past and future.
Renew your self-concept by the discovery of your purpose and destiny for living an extraordinary life.
Examine and map out the stages and cycles of life.
Learn to deeply understand what death means.
Confront the fear of death and learn to live weightlessly.

In Level 2, through your personal practice, group process, deep interactive discussion, intense meditations, you will go through a transformation that will help you to deepen your own direct perception of the teachings. It will also serve to improve your ability to create and maintain the Sacred Space of a Teacher.

This course will help you to:

  • Tap deeper into the wealth of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings
  • Be part of a community and nourish the inspiration to offer others the chance
  • Strengthen your connection to the Golden Chain
  • Build more sense of community amongst your peers
  • Take the teachings into the world on a deeper level

Excellence is acknowledging your own divinity and guiding others to realise it within themselves.


14th January 2021
19th January 2021
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Mahan Jiwan Kaur